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vendredi 20 octobre 2017

La rebelle mise en exergue par le site AbsintheNYC de New York (USA)


A very unique absinthe from the Aymonier Distillery. Not your typical absinthe. This is more like a grappa style absinthe in my opinion. This is the rebel in every way possible. She breaks all the rules of being a traditional absinthe. The relationship is a love/hate. Give her time to breathe. I would say at least a week uncorked. Then you will appreciate her one of a kind flavor.

From the Distiller :

The Rebel :

Exceptional Absinthe, distilled from Marc Du Jura (Chardonnay-Savagnin) :

Fruity, this unique absinthe on Marc, from its base, presents grape dominances with vanilla nuances, married with the personality of our very fragrant absinthe plant and the rondeur of Green Anise, and coriander, all of a Great biological quality. This Absinthe is the fruit of our collaboration with the domaine de cavarodes, in order to respect the terroir, and for the production of a true absinthe of character, from the jura mountains.

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